Monday Prep, Tuesday Education

We hope all is well and that you are enjoying these warm days of summer. At the time of this communication, we’re anticipating a storm by the name of Henri. We’re hopeful Henri has minimal effects on you and yours, stay safe.

We recently had the opportunity to share some education with the students at Long Island Beauty School in Hauppauge. Our founder and lead educator, Phyllis, shown here finishing off a fringe cut for one of the students at our event.

Education is one of our core values and we’re glad to share both our technical and business knowledge with these students.

We continue to diligently pursue new team members for both the stylist & guest services positions. Like so many other companies, we have discovered just how tight the current labor market is. We will continue our recruiting efforts and are optimistic we will discover some great new team members shortly. Although it’s probably a long-shot, If you happen to know of any candidates that may be a fit for one of these positions, please let us know, we’d be grateful for the opportunity!

As you may be aware, our current mask protocols have been updated to “masks optional for the fully vaccinated”, however, we will gladly wear our masks during your services, to provide you with a higher degree of comfort, just let us know. In addition, we are following our current conditions and all the news about the Delta variant. We hope we can keep this relaxed mask protocol in place, but that may change as conditions around us do. We will keep you informed of any updates or changes to our COVID protocols as we move forward.

Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.