Is it Summer Yet?

We hope all is well as we move closer to the official start of summer. Although our recent temperatures outside feel more like mid-summer. Our team recently got together for some updated individual and location photos for our website. Since its’ been a while, we thought it would be fun to have our ambassador of good will join us during our small photo shoot. How much fun do you think Truman was having with LeeAnn & Phyllis, pictured above? Even though our fun quickly turned into an afternoon siesta for him, always great to have his good-natured spirit around us!

On a more exciting note, don’t forget about our “just for you, just for summer” campaign. Buy one get one 20% off, on all standard size products. Now is great time to replenish your favorite Aveda products, just in time for the summer season.

As we continue to focus much of our time & resources on recruiting efforts, we want to extend our thanks for your patience during this process. We realize that our appointment book is very busy, and it can be challenging to get in for services on short notice. Please be aware that we are working diligently to hire a few great new teammates and are excited about this opportunity we have in front of us!

Speaking of exciting opportunities another local team is involved in, Islander fans are enjoying some exciting playoff hockey as they continue their pursuit of the Stanley Cup. Although I’m a Ranger fan, it’s exciting to watch another local team battle to get to the next level in the playoffs. Whether playing sports or playing in the great game of business, the one characteristic that I believe is necessary for success in both arenas is tenacity. A quality that is not always easy to engage in daily, but a necessary ingredient to get to that next level of success, regardless of the arena you’re in.

One final note, our team would like to share how grateful we are for your continued support,