February 2022 Updates

We hope all is well.  We recently had the opportunity to continue our recruiting efforts at Long Island Beauty School in Hauppauge. We met several interesting students and our lead educator, Phyllis, performed a haircut in front a crowded classroom, while sharing technical advice throughout the demonstration. A great (and busy) Monday for sure, as we visited the day students in the morning, then back to the school in the evening to meet and speak with the night students. Speaking of recruiting efforts, we were fortunate enough to discover and hire our newest team member, Veronica. We had the opportunity to meet with her in the early part of fall last year at a similar event at LIBS.  Although she has only been on the team for a short while, she has fit right in with us and our clients. A great addition to our team, for sure!

Normally, I enjoy writing about our company, our team, and all that is going on around here. What I’m about to share is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write about. As we move forward in this second month of 2022, we have some very unfortunate news to share; Phyllis has fallen ill unexpectantly and will be on medical leave until further notice. This sudden event has put our company’s operations temporarily on hold. Our hours will vary during this time and we will be retrieving messages as frequently as we can. We will continue to contact clients with upcoming appointments, sharing the unfortunate news. For all the clients that we have already spoke with, thank you so much for you kind words and well wishes. It means the world to us!

Although we are unable to provide services at this time, if you need to stock up on any of your favorite AVEDA products, please visit us at: Arame Salon

Thanks again for your continued support!