Small steps back to normalcy?


We hope all is well. We are happy to announce a few welcomed services return;  we will  be offering shampooing for all services once again, we recently enabled online booking, for your future haircut appointments, and we are now performing CHAKRA rituals for those interested in this sensory experience prior your service. To some degree, small steps in the direction of normalcy. We are grateful for every little step we can take in this direction.

We also wanted to share that our “summer’s in the hair” campaign is still going strong. Purchase $70 of the popular Nutriplenish hair care products and receive a FREE tote bag (while supplies last). Treat yourself to some great hair care and enjoy this colorful summertime tote too!

We wanted to thank everyone who has provided feedback for potential candidates during our hiring process. We have been looking to grow our team prior to the pandemic, and we eagerly continue to seek out great new candidates to join our team. Your continued support and feedback are greatly appreciated!

PS – in case you’re wondering, our Ambassador of Goodwill, Truman, had a big influence on the face coverings worn by our team, pictured above.



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