Calming presence


"As Ambassador of Good will at our company I just wanted to wish you all the best! Be safe and I can't wait to greet you in person, when this social distancing is behind all of us." Although Truman cannot talk, we're pretty sure that's what he's thinking. One thing we know for sure, and if you met him you know too, he truly is a calming presence.

We also wanted to share that we have received some requests to provide take home color kits and wanted to share our thoughts around this.It is our understanding, that by Law, we are not allowed to sell or give products that clearly state, for Professional use only. We would love to assist you however, if something went wrong, like you accidentally dripped color into your eye or ear, or left color on hair/scalp too long and damage occurred, we would be liable. Our business insurance would not cover us, and our professional license could be in jeopardy of being revoked. Some ideas that have been shared with us may assist you. Some clients have used a temporary gray coverage, touchup spray, root concealer. They have found this online. It shampoos out, so it is a temporary option that has worked well for them during these times. We have also heard of some folks getting creative with scarfs and other hair accessories.

As we've heard so many times, and it's so true, we are all in this together. We can't wait to get back to what we love doing, providing you with a relaxing and beautifying experience! We know that we cannot do this yet. As we all are aware, this virus is a very dangerous foe. The media shares the number of people infected and dying often, and these numbers are sobering.

And who would have ever thought that the grocery store would be a scary place to visit? Let's take the advice of the healthcare community and stay home, while they go to work, and combat this dangerous foe. We know this can be tough to do, especially in light of the warmer weather on the way, but if this is going help stop spreading this deadly virus, lets do this!

In the meantime, don't forget about our "returning the care" campaign, to benefit our healthcare hero's. Nominate your health care hero today, include a picture if possible. You can send us an email at: Our team will review these responses weekly and select their favorite. The favorite pic will receive a wellness mug, containing Aveda travel size hand relief, foot relief, lip balm, comforting tea & Stress-fix composition oil . Look forward to hearing from you.

Be well & stay safe!








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