Returning the care


Greetings from Keri, her son’s Valentino, Dominic and our entire team! We are thinking about you hope you are well.  We thought it would be nice to continue sharing pics of our team during our temporary closure. Keri now has a renewed appreciation for teachers, as she now moves through the home-schooling process, just like so many mom’s in today’s environment. 

“Our mission is to provide every client with a relaxing and beautifying experience while supporting the environment and communities we serve”. In light of today’s current situation, the first part of our mission is on hold, and our focus now turns to the environment and communities we serve. We wanted to share a few things we are doing to that end. We are in the process of donating our popular hand & foot relief lotions, as well as lip balm and aroma therapy oils to our local hospitals. We were notified of this need from a recent communication received from our friends at The Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. The chamber has also provided many valuable resources to assist small businesses as we navigate these times. Thank you folks! 

In addition to the donation efforts, we are excited to share our “returning the care” contest, which will benefit our healthcare hero’s! We will be rolling this out over the next week, stay tuned!   

During these times, our team has been fortunate enough to engage in an abundance of online education, focusing on business best practices and technical training (cutting & color mosly). We meet as a team two times per week (zoom meetings). Checking-in with each other, following up on recent education modules we completed and continually fine-tuning our re-opening plan. We are all looking forward to that day! 

Enough about us! What about you? Please share an uplifting experience you have enjoyed during these challenging times. You can e-mail us at: Our team will review these responses weekly and select their favorite. The favorite pic will receive a complimentary botanical hair therapy treatment at their next appointment. Look forward to hearing from you! 

We also wanted to remind you that if you are in need of any products while we are away, please visit us at: , then click on Aveda, shop Aveda. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Please don’t forget to share any recent uplifting experiences, Until next time, stay safe and be well! 


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