IMPORTANT Communications from our team...........

Our team recently enjoyed a "professional communications" workshop. Pictured here just before they dove into into some homemade french toast, prepared by teammate Phyllis. Is it possible that our team has too many home cooked meals? Never!

On a more serious note, we recognize  the  importance of communicating around the current Coronavirus situation. Although we always pay close attention to sanitizing and cleanliness in our business, we will be stepping up our focus here, in light of today’s current climate. Our team has been provided with sanitizing wipes for surface cleaning in the salon throughout the day, paying special attention to areas regularly touched, such as door handles, bathroom fixtures, including toilet flushes, credit card machines and phones. We will temporarily not be offering some of the complimentary rituals you have experienced in the past. This includes hand massages, aroma therapy and neck wraps. We have also temporarily stopped offering Beauty on Demand/mini-facials  & waxing services. Hand shaking temporarily on hold too.  We apologize for these changes, and make them with you and our team’s interests in mind. We look forward to resuming these offerings when the current situation improves. In the meantime, please visit for the most recent updates concerning COVID-19. 

We would also like you to ask yourself a few basic questions before making your next appointment:  

-       Have you traveled to any locations that has been hit by the virus?

-       Do you have any cold or flu-like symptoms?

-       Are you, or anyone close to you, not feeling well? 

If so, please seek medical advice. 

We kindly ask that if you are not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment until you are feeling better. 

We are hopeful that this environment improves soon, and wanted to share that we are taking these extra precautions to help all of us move through these times successfully. 

Thanks again for your continued support. We appreciate business and understanding! 

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