Thank you from Harborfront Park


It’s hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. A few suggestions we’ve heard that may helpful for the Thanksgiving Day eating bonanza: eat breakfast and lunch before the big meal, drink plenty of water, eat your vegetables and do your best to control your sweet tooth. A 15-20minute walk outdoors after dinner can be a helpful activity. Of course, be thankful. Do something for someone less fortunate.   

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for another successful October, raising funds to support Mather Hospital and Stony Brook Cancer Center.  There were four winners from October’s campaigns. Patty M, Stacey L, & Poornima U won gift baskets raffled off from our BCA fundraising efforts. Anna M won our October promotion. Enjoy your great prizes folks and thanks again for your support!  

Education updatesOur entire team recently attended an Emotional Intelligence seminar, enjoying the day’s topics on human behavior and a fun lunch too. Keri attended an intense three-day advanced cutting class. She will be sharing her knowledge with the rest of our team during a few sessions this month and next. After successfully completing the blow dry and color modules, Brianna and Courtney are moving closer to completing the haircutting module. Keep up the great work ladies! Even Ron understands the importance of continuing education. He recently had the opportunity to travel to Boise, Idaho, spending two days with 17 other entrepreneurs, from across the country. In addition to learning many business best practices, a few new friendships resulted along the way. 

Thank you to Shaun and his team at the Newsletter Pro for their time and hospitality, much appreciated! 

 November offers:  purchase any hair care system (trio) and receive a complimentary hair analysis with an express treatment mask (everyone wants this treatment, increasing protein/moisture in your hair). You will also be entered to win a complimentary stylist blowout (gals) or men’s haircut (guys). Treat yourself today! 

 It is certainly a great time of year to share how thankful we are for your support and continued business. Thank you and best wishes! 


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