Summer Season, just around the corner!

Hey all! Welcome to the beautiful Summer Season! Our basil and mint are thriving in our garden and the cucumber-mint water is being poured at a high frequency!

The tastes of summer are back! The best way to describe our hair is like our taste buds. If fed the same thing repeatedly, it is bound to get tired of what it is eating up. Therefore, give your hair and skin a relieving detox from your salt and chlorine pools and ocean romps from the weekend. Aveda’s Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser has a combination of aloe, coconut, and sunflower seed oil that will nourish the hair while gently eliminating any product buildup! Hitting up the beach? Protect that gorgeous color you just had done with our Sun Care Hair Veil. Oh! and don’t forget your Daily Light Guard SPF 30 for your face and hands! Give your product wardrobe a taste of summer refresher with our 15% off your purchase of $60 or more! 

Happy Shopping!


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