Spring & Earth Month 2018

Spring is in the air, or so we hope! It must be on its way, right? Well one thing we know for sure is that EARTH MONTH IS HERE! One of Aveda’s favorite months. Earth Month allows us to reflect on our beautiful planet and be a little extra mindful of what we can do to keep it healthy. Our team has once again has teamed up with our clean water partner, Clean Ocean Action . Helping to protect clean water in our tri state area! A few tips we can practice for ourselves to help the planet conserve water is to shampoo less!

The Shampure Dry Shampoo is the perfect replacement for that “I think I can go another day, semi dirty hair”. A few puffs of this fine powdered, incredible aroma and your hair will feel fresh and full of body for another day! Voila! Stay tuned for our raffles baskets and other fun Earth Month offers, helping to support clean water initiatives this Earth Month. Thanks again for your support!

Happy Earth Month!
from all of us at Arame


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