Fashion week - NYC to Port Jeff

Exciting news earlier this month, our teammate Ashleigh was fortunate enough to endeavor a day at fashion week in NYC!

 Ashleigh was assigned to be a part of the Aveda Fashion Week team to prep hair for Fashion show designer, Yajun. Ashleigh shared, “It was an incredible experience, an opportunity I never could have imagined to be within my reach!” The look consisted of a massive amount of volumizing tonic, phomollient to create a beautiful textured wave, finished with a few bursts of control force hairspray. Backstage consisted of a huge team effort, some models having up to five people working on their head! Ashleigh had one other partner working with her, and since the show the model has been featured on, jonreyman (the lead stylist for FW), Aveda, and Yajun Designs instagram! “I woke up the next day feeling like it was a dream, I feel so blessed to have a model I had worked on featured on such big accounts!” Great opportunity for sure, way to go Ashleigh!

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