Dog Days of Summer

Greetings everyone! We're hoping you are all having a summer filled with sun and fun this year! It's the last beach month of the season, so here are some reminders to keep those pretty locks and delicate skin preserved! Did you know that 90% of wrinkles are due to sun exposure? I KNOW! IT SCARES US TOO! Protect your face and neck with Aveda's Daily Light Guard, a weightless SPF 30 to fight against those UVA and UVB rays. Have you been a mermaid this summer, swimming in the sea? Or channeling your inner Olympic diving skills in your pool? Don't leave your hair filled with salt water and chlorine! The Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser will help remove these impurities, avoiding your hair from potentially turning a color you didn't ask for (chlorine can be sneaky like that)! Therefore keep your skin balanced and your hair not feeling like a scarecrow! 

We don't want to even mention it. I'm sure the commercials have been daunting, and the Halloween candy lining the seasonal aisle of your local Stop n Shop have you forewarned .. Back to School is HERE! Lets look at the bright side.. new school year means a new wardrobe! And we're not just talking clothes.. We're talking "The Hair Wardrobe!" Don't miss out.......


Purchase $50 or more worth of product and receive 10% off your purchase! Purchase today, offer good through August 31st.  OH! AND for those of you racking up your Pure Privilege Points for that trip to Antigua, Double Points weekend is back! August 24th thru 27th........WOOHOO! Not a member? Ask us how! Stay tuned for our Guest Appreciation Night, dedicated to all of you who help make our business thrive! Save the date, September 12th, details to follow!  Wishing you all the best! The Team at Arame

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