Two-fer Tuesday's this summer!

The Dog Days of Summer arrived early this week, can you feel the heat?


I think it's safe to say Truman is thoroughly enjoying these Dog Days of Summer! Don't be surprised when your first greeting is from our four legged, blonde hair glistening, smiling pooch at your next appointment! Truman has claimed his new favorite spot (figuratively speaking, not by marking his territory!) to be our front patio, as he basks in the rays of sunshine, wafting the aromas of Mojito Mint and Basil from our organic garden! He is thrilled to be greeting our guests, and doesn't mind a pet or two on your way in! Fathers Day is right around the corner! Treat that special man in your life to a haircut with a complimentary mens gray blending consultation! Whether its gray in his hair, or just in his beard.. we've got the magic potion to take 10 years off your fella! When you bring him in, after his service, you will get to schedule a complimentary and luxurious Pramasana Scalp Treatment!

By the Way.. Have you seen Arames' new tattoos? Next time you step through our door you may notice some fresh new ink stamped above the mirrors. Values hold a strong importance to any individual, partnership, team, business.. the list goes on and on. At one of our team celebrations we decided that it was a great idea to post our values in a few short quotes and powerful words in which we felt best expressed who we are as a brand.  Walking into work every morning and seeing the quotes posted up on the wall fills us with inspiration! It reminds us of our purpose we serve as service providers and keeps the creative juices flowing!

DEALS DEALS DEALS! Did you know about our 10% OFF product donation? If you come in with any gently used haircare, skincare, or bodycare, (excluding makeup due to sanitary purposes),  we donate those products to a womens' shelter and YOU receive 10% off your product purchase! Empty out those cabinets ladies and gents! Help out the less fortunate and you will get rewarded! Already done your spring cleaning? NEW this summer:  Two-fer Tuesdays! Truman is BUSTING to share that on Tuesdays you will receive 10% OFF any two or more products you purchase! The more he shares this with our guests, the more hands he gets in the building for endless petting and attention. 

Cheers and Tail Wags, Team Arame!

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