Springtime begins in Port Jeff, Earth Month too!

February's spring facade was quite the tease, huh? What's going on March? We spring ahead and you spring a surprise winter storm on us? That's not very nice! You're a wolf in sheep's clothing this year!


A friendly reminder that as winter comes to an end (haha) in Port Jeff Village, Mr. Meter is live and back in action for the season. No worries, If you cannot get parking in one of our three spots, please remember your space number and we will be more than happy to feed the meter for you through our Mobile app!  Keri, Ashleigh, and Donna made their way to LIBS Beauty school in Hauppauge earlier this month. The staff and students always greet the team with a warm welcome as they demonstrated some fun haircuts and styles and went on to recruit some new teammates that will fit into Arames' culture!


Bet we've been keeping you on your toes about the men's gray blending. Well, ALAS! It has arrived! We are fully stocked and ready to transform the men in your life back to young stud muffins! Aveda has created a formula especially for men which deposits color onto their silver strands.  Best part about it?  It works in just 5 MINUTES! Ron can vouch as he was the first contender, during recent education at the Aveda Institute with teammates Donna & Keri . The team watched the transformation before their eyes, his silver generously transitioning back to its natural color. In fact, Ron was looking so good with his new mens gray blending that he got asked to be on LI Pulse radio talk show! Way to go Ron! Looking forward to tuning in on April 11th! So fellas, Come check it out! And ladies.. bring in your fellas! Hubbies, significant other, brother, dad, grandpa, uncle.. etc! Oh! If you bring him in you'll receive complimentary Aveda Botanical Therapy treatment. Wooo!


April is right around the corner and that means Earth Month is upon us, One of Aveda's favorite month of the year! Aveda has raised over $50 million dollars and has helped protect clean water at home and around the world since 2007. We are proud to be a company who shows environmental leadership and responsibility with our partners at Aveda and Clean Ocean Action. Your help is greatly appreciated! Donate $2 and recieve sea creation seed packet, donate $5 and received a recycled planter, donate $10 and receive 10% of your products that day. There will be additional FUN donation opportunities all throughout April. ALL proceeds go to our clean water partner, Clean Ocean Action. Cheers to another great year of fundraising!  TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) Team Arame

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