Month: October 2020

Our Team Needs Your Help

We hope all is well. This month, we are glad to be supporting the Paint Port Pink Campaign. However, we need your help!We currently offer (4) fun, fundraising opportunities. A $10 donation will get you entered to win your very own rake, with $50 worth of lottery tickets attached (rake it in!). A $15 donation and you can participate in our “wine pull”. Pick a number, select the wine bottle with the corresponding number, pull it out of the rack, plan on when you want to begin sipping. A $20 donation will get you entered to win our hand made, luxurious spa basket, filled with Aveda’s very popular Cherry Almond Skin Care products and more ($160 value)! Finally, a $25 donation will get you a pink colored streak in your hair to show your support. You may see a few different shades of pink in our hair, but the cause is all the same!